Prestige oils 


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Musc Des 1001 Nuit

A family of precious luxury components that pays tribute to the ingredients of character and exception.

Abdul Samad al Qurashi Mixture

An intelligent fragrance presented in a blend of old musk and amber with sandalwood...

Al Kaaba - Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

This scent is inspired by the black veil of the Holy "kabaa"

Amber Oud - Roja

A sweet, sweet and sensual perfume oil that is the image of rich oriental heritage.

Product image Anfas al Oud

Anfas al Oud is an oriental oil of perfume made from agarwood.

Product image Anfas al Ward

Anfas al Ward is an oriental oil perfume made around the rose.

Black Opium

Black Opium is a contrasting and mysterious perfume oil.

Product image Hayba

This floral and sweet oriental fragrance opens with green notes, spices, rosemary, lotus, palm leaf and mint.


Imitation is a fragrance oil from Amouage that has character and strong resonance.

Majestic Oud - Arabian Oud

Imperial Oud is simply sublime. This perfume has an atypical oder and attractive.

Interlude - Amouage

Interlude is a woody and spicy fragrance oil.

Product image Maysoon

Maysoon is a fruity and floral oriental fragrance oil for women.

Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items
Prestige oils

The oil that absorbs quickly and leaves a mesmerizing aroma around you. OUD and MUSK introduces an extended range of Prestige Oils to add upon the glamorous and warm touch to your personality and to your home. The floral and playful fragrances allow you to build in an alluring positivity around and comes with a perfect blend of subtleness and long last scents. The complete collection is specially prepared by mixing various herbs and essential oils used in traditional Arabic perfume preparation. All the products in Prestige Oils range include different rich and luxurious elements like Amber, Vanilla, the Rose of Turkey, the wood of Oud, spices, rosemary, lotus, palm leaf, mint, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss. A single drop of Prestige Oils stays for a longer time and evokes unusual sensuality. The products vary from each other on the aspects of different perfume notes used to prepare these exotic oils. A few come with sweet honey notes and a few with a base of musk. There is definitely something prepared for your personality which is set to make the heads turn after you wear these Prestige Oils from OUD and MUSK range. These oils can be used on anything to make the fragrance last for a longer time in your lovely home. A hidden masterpiece which add the intangible beauty to your décor by adding freshness and calmness in your home environment. The Prestige Oils are also used to combat the foul smell and makes the rooms cozier and more comfortable.