Burner and coal 

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Product image Bruleur d'encens

Very elegant oriental incense burner which will also serve as decoration for your interiors.


This torch will allow you to light your coals easily and quickly.

Product image Encensoir Other
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This oriental incense burner is just magnificent, it will be a decoration for your house.

Product image Charbon à encens Out
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Quality coal to facilitate ignition and thus help spread the best scents in your home.

Product image Encensoir en bois Out
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Magnificent wooden censer in oriental style which will delight incense lovers.

Product image Encensoir or Out
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Beautiful stainless steel censer of very good quality!

Product image Encensoir Oriental Out
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At Oud and Musk, specialist in perfumery and various scents, how not to offer you this essential accessory?! The wooden incense burner is, in fact, a key piece for lovers of oud and incense of all kinds.

Product image Bruleur d'encens Oriental Out
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A censer or incense burner that will blend perfectly with your interior, a beautiful decorative object.

Product image Charbon Or Out
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Product image Wooden Censer Out
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Magnificent wooden censer with oriental style that will delight the lovers of incense.

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items
Burner and coal

Censer and charcoal

At Oud and Musk, every detail is important as well as the materials worked. That's 
why our censer and charcoal section is a feast for the eyes. 
Emeritus decorations to surround your interior with fine and delicate scents.

Discover our censer and charcoal department

It's Friday, it's 7:30 p.m. You get out of traffic after a 
tiring day at work 

After having parked your car you walk slowly towards your building. As you step out of 
the elevator, you feel a fragrant breeze on the landing caress your nostrils. Intrigued, 
you wonder where this sublime smell comes from. 

The closer you get to home, the more intensified the smell. Impatient, you open 
the door to your apartment. It is then that a noble smoke with an exquisite smell 
welcomes you in the entrance hall!

Censer for only hearth, it begins its graceful dance which invites you comfortably to 
settle down. Relax you are home, with greetings from Oud and Musk.   
Without a doubt, the distinguished incense burners are an ornament for your home. The 
beautiful censers, for the beautiful fragrances! 

Thus, we made a point of offering you only the best, whether it is about home fragrances 
or their accessories. Therefore, we are proud of our 
censer and charcoal session 
The incense burners have very handcrafted finishes and recall all the splendor of the 
Middle East. When you are not burning incense, they are a top 
notch decorative item in your home. 
Finally, to take advantage of all the properties of our indoor diffusers, equip yourself 
with quality charcoal. Indeed, if you use a mediocre charcoal, you will 
certainly lose the benefits of your incense. 
Take full advantage of all our accessories such as: incense burners, censers
pocket pyramid and many more. Go to the censer and charcoal section. 

How to use censer and charcoal? 

First of all, we recommend that you keep your burner always clean. Then 
place the glowing charcoal on the grid intended for this purpose. Then, place a 
suitable quantity of incense in the censer to enjoy the fragrance. 
When fumigating, remove any flammable material. Use this product only on a 
flat surface.