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 Ethiopia luban grade 1 - Boswellia papyrifera

The incense native to Ethiopia is a resin of incense popuplaire from a shrub

Omani frankincense luban

Frankincense native of the emirate of Oman is considered the best quality frankincense in the world.

Oliban Multicouleur

This incense comes from the boswellia which is the tree that gives the oliban.

red Luban Frankincense

The red luban is an incense known and recognized that no longer presents.

Black and Gold Luban Frankincense

This incense comes out of the Boswellia which is the tree that gives the oliban. This incense has a slightly spicy woody smell.

Oliban Hojari Noir

Among our selection of hojari frankincense gum resins, discover black hojari, aexceptional incense with an irresistible and bewitching scent!

Frankincense Luban - Boswellia Serrata

Frankincense has all smelled of it once in our lifetime. This marks our memoryemotional. But with the Indian frankincense it is quite another story.

Oliban Hojari Noir

Frankincense comes from the Arabic اللُّبَّان “Al lubban”. Also commonly called in Wolof"thiouraye" (French-speaking Africa) this incense comes from an aromatic gum-resinnatural.

 Ethiopia luban frankincense - Boswellia papyrifera

Incense native to Ethiopia, it is a resin of choice, like other olibans, it is produced by a small tree, a tree of the Boswellia family.

Frankincense from ethiopia

This incense from ethiopia is a resin qualities, like other olibans, it is produced by the incense tree, a tree of the family of boswellia.

 Ethiopia luban Betekristian - Boswellia papyrifera

Incense native to Ethiopia, it is a resin of choice, like other olibans, it is produced by a small tree, a tree of the Boswellia family. It is from the region of Betekristian.

Luban Bakhour

How about transforming your interior into an oriental palace? The olibanum and bakhour is anatural incense with the irresistible odor of oud. Its fumigation is an olfactory journey. But it'salso a therapeutic session.

Black Luban Oman - Boswellia Sacra

Black boswellia sacra is one of the last gum from the tree..

Frankincense Sudan - Luban

Come and discover our different olibanum resins, this ancient and precious incense resin.

Incense Sticks Luban Hojari

Incense sticks made with Hojari oliban resin from Oman.

Eritrea luban frankincense - Boswellia papyrifera

The ancestral luban frankincense from Eritrea.

Oliban Kastouri Luban

Head to India with our Frankincense / Kasturi musk. You will first be transported by itsoriental fragrance with animal and woody notes. Then, you will be soothed and relaxed by its manybenefits.

Poudre d'oliban Sale!
Hojari Luban frankincense - Boswellia sacra Out
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This Hojari luban is of a very high purity, coming from the desert land of Oman

Oliban Hojari Royal Blanc Out
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Discover Royal Hojari Luban, a natural incense with aromas that are both fresh, lemony and bloom! A real treat for the senses!

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Frankincense and natural incense

The “frankincense and natural incense” category , from Oud and Musk, is a 
truly inspiring category Indeed, it makes us meditate and travel to the 4 corners of the 
Frankincense, or frankincense , of all scents, is certainly the one with the most 
prestigious past Moreover, in Antiquity, it was represented as more precious than gold and a 
sought-after luxury product. 
For these reasons, embark on a flight to discover this universe of sweet 
mystical, woody and balsamic scents .

Frankincense and natural incense: a mystical and 
intriguing  range

Our range of gum-resins offers various varieties of this fragrant and 
aromatic product . But also, the latter is completely natural, pure and cultivated directly by 
This male incense is native to Oman, Yemen, India, but also Somalia. Also, 
it is extracted in the form of resin , from only 3 types of male trees, called 
"Boswellia". These are the varieties: serrata, freani, carterii.

In fact, this frankincense tree is incised in order to let the sap flow which, in contact with the air, 
coagulates. This resin then becomes like small opaque and non-homogeneous gums . 
Also, the color of this small aromatic gum-resin varies according to the place of harvest and 
the variety of the tree.

The benefits of frankincense and natural incense

Its virtues in beauty: 
- Repairing and purifying

Its virtues on your health:

- Recognized anti-inflammatory; 
- Clear the respiratory tract; 
- Purifying; 
- Diuretic; 
- Contributes to the proper functioning of immune defenses.

This gum resin, in capsule form, could help with asthma, 
rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease.

Its properties on your well-being:

- Very energetic; 
- Facilitates openness to the outside world; 
- Beneficial for communication; 
- Soothing, it calms stressed and irritated minds; 
- Contributes to meditation.

For your interior:

Natural air freshener, fumigated; 
As an original decoration, multicolored frankincense or gold and black frankincense , on a small 
dish. Or quite simply red olibanum, to enhance a “pot-pourri”. 
Of course, the benefits cited above are general. They are more numerous and vary 
according to the type of resinous crystals used. So, we advise you to refer 
to the product sheets of this category.

Our tips for enjoying frankincense and natural frankincense?

Place crystals in a little water above your radiator or other 
heat source Otherwise, the oriental censer will do just fine! 
But also, you can put it in your bath water!


Please keep it away from heat sources, air and light.