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Pack bois de oud Out
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An oriental pack that will make you discover the agarwood and its different facets.

Perfume Set Ameer al Oud | Oriental Perfumes | Dubai Perfumes

At Oud and Musk, you can find a multitude of oriental fragrances. Butalso boxes to offer or to treat yourself!

Coffret Bakhoor

This box has been specially designed to enhance your interiors.

Thiouraye gift pack

Discover the thiouraye through this complete pack ideal to offer or make you happy.

Coffret Khalis Musk Out
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The Khalis Musk box is a concentrate of freshness! Lattafa Perfumes smellsirresistible musk on the way with this gift box or gift set. Its smell both sweet andcharacter, but also its long lasting, are very appreciated by lovers of musk.

Perfume Box Khalis Oud | Oriental Perfumes online | Dubai Perfumes

The Khalis oudi box is made for you! Indeed, composed of"Khalis Oudi" perfume, and its deodorant of the same scent, embark directlyfor a trip to the Middle East!

Product image Coffret Musk Tahara

The Musk Tahara box is the perfect gift! Each product contains the delicate and freshsmell of the Tahara musk we love so much!

Raghba Perfume Box | Orientam Perfumes| Oud Perfumes

At Oud and Musk, discover the Raghba Box. Composed of a perfume of 100ml with the scent of pure Oud, and its 25ml deodorant spray.

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items