Tahara Musk 

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Tahara Musk - Arabian Oud

Come and discover this tahara musk from Hamil al Musk.

Musk Al Tahara Black

A black tahara musk which is a little stronger than the tahara musk that everyone knows.

Tahara musk

This royal white musk oil or musk tahara is a very popular fragrance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Musc Tahara - Al Haramain

This Musk is called Tahara Musk it is known to be used as a purification means by women in Saudi Arabia and it is a musk that is soft, fresh and creamy.

Product image Coffret Musk Tahara

The Musk Tahara box is the perfect gift! Each product contains the delicate and freshsmell of the Tahara musk we love so much!

Musc Tahara - Swiss Arabian Out
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A classic ! Musk Tahara by Oud al Anfar. A fragrance fresh and long lasting. It is an incredible and extremely popular fragrance.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Tahara Musk

Tahara Musk

Our tahara musk category promises to wreak havoc! Besides, who has not yet 
heard of the famous tahara musk? This precious perfume has its origins in the Middle East, 
but is now known in many countries around the world! 
It must be said that its irresistible smell is unique in its kind, and leaves no one indifferent. As 
a result, it would not be too pretentious to say it generally ... please everyone! 
Discover without further delay this category of perfumes of all kinds.

The musk tahara category: it will make you succumb!

Decidedly, the tahara musk intends to be talked about for a long time to come. If you do 
n't know it yet, let us describe it for you. 
It is thus presented in the form of a liquid with a creamy texture, and of a whitish color. Its 
smell is so pure and sweet, that it is immediately recognizable! Its 
essentially cottony, enveloping, powdery and suave notes delight all our senses. 
Moreover, this white musk has become widely known thanks to a very specific use: 
that of intimate musk! It is therefore very popular with women, although its mixed smell makes 
even these gentlemen succumb 
Nevertheless, this perfume is so popular that it has many variations and uses.

The different products that can be found in the 
tahara musk category

The tahara musk category allows us to bring together the many products based on this perfume. 
The main known variations are: 
Pure musk: its creamy texture facilitates its application, which can be done using a small square 
of fabric;

Tahara musk deodorants: highly appreciated hygiene products, which also have 
excellent hold;

Interior diffusers: and other interior fragrances that allow you to diffuse throughout 
your home this pleasant odor of incomparable purity;

The square of musk: a piece of perfume to slip where you want. Or which can be 
melted for an even distribution of this delicious scent.

Finally, we invite you to discover our other categories, such as solid musk, or 
musk incense.