Around the musk 

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Al madinah musk

Al Madinah  is a delicate and sweet musk.

Amber musky

A perfume oil, Warm, woody amber, infused into the Musk.

Golden mekka musk

Gold mekka musk, a classic enjoyed by everyone.

Product image Indian Oud Civet Out
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An amazing  composition.

Musc Kashmir

Musk Kashmir is a high-flying perfumed oil that will sublimate and surprise you with its fruity and woody composition.

Musk al Oudh

A magnificent blend between musk and agarwood a spicy-woody-animal combination.

Musk Jamid

A subtle and sumptuous smell of musk emerges from this scent.

Product image Musk Nafa

Nafa a pure musk from India, durable and aggressive. He is strong and establishing an animal spicy and smoky base note, which lasts through a sweet and pleasant smell.

Product image Oudh hindi musk Out
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This scent is amazing. It is mostly used for special occasions.

Musc Zedan

Musk Zedan is a sweet and light oud with a sweet touch

Musc Rose

Rose Musk is a great quality perfume oil.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Around the musk

The addition to your personality and a little more to all the preparation for the special day. Here, OUD and MUSK promise to provide the classic range of nine fragrances with different valuable ingredients. All the fragrances are specially curated with the perfect blend between expensive spices. The range comes with classic products like Al Madinah Musk, Amber Musky, Gold Mekka Musk, Indian Oud Civet, Musk al Oudh, Musk al Wardh, Musk Jamid, Rose Musk and Musk Oudh Hindi. The around the MUSK range provides a spicy, woody combination, warm perfume oil, subtle and sumptuous smell, sweet and floral combinations. The main ingredients include many intense spices like cinnamon, cardamom, pink pepper, rose, castroneum, leather, civet, moss, sandalwood, Atlas cedar, Patchouli, Myrrh, incense, vanilla and pink mandarin. A few fragrances open with a hint of spicy scents and floral and creates an atmosphere of the Far East. For the lovers of musk and oud, the fragrance from India, INDIAN OUD CIVET, is available which comes with the warm, strong, woody and smoky notes. This is an incredible combination and provides a complete uplift to your mood. The MUSK JAMID product provides the fragrance that corresponds to the square of white musk and is made with a complete intension of giving you an extra glow on your occasions. MUSK OUD HIND comes with a floral background notes and a few small earthy notes. The fragrance is delicious, sweet and floral and this will never let you get bored. The perfect range ‘around the Musk’ is for everyone, so quickly add these to your list.