Around the musk 

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Al madinah musk

Al Madinah  is a delicate and sweet musk.

Amber musky

A perfume oil, Warm, woody amber, infused into the Musk.

Golden mekka musk

Gold mekka musk, a classic enjoyed by everyone.

Product image Indian Oud Civet

An amazing  composition.

Musk al Oudh

A magnificent blend between musk and agarwood a spicy-woody-animal combination.

Musk Jamid

A subtle and sumptuous smell of musk emerges from this scent.

Product image Musk Oudh hindi

This scent is amazing. It is mostly used for special occasions.

Musc Rose New

Rose Musk is a great quality perfume oil.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items