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  • Special Oud - Arabian Oud
    Special Oud - Arabian Oud

    Special Oud is a fragrance made by Arabian Oud.

    140,00 €
  • Oud Orchid
    Oud Orchid

    Oud Orchid is a woody, oriental and warm perfume.

    35,00 €
  • White Copal
    White Copal

    Copal is an incense resin from Bureseru microphylla, which has a very...

    9,00 €
  • White Patchouli
    White Patchouli

    An attractive, sweet and flowery scent which is added to our collection.

    15,00 €


  • Kasturi Musk
    Kasturi Musk

    Kasturi from India, is a rare musk,...

    32,00 € -20% 40,00 €




Buy exclusive range of aromatic oils, agar musk, and absolute musk online. We offer beautiful fragrance aromatic oils for your body and skin care. Shop Online!

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  • Aromatic oils

    At Oudandmusk, we offer over 200 precious and rare aromatic oils. All oils are manufactured with care and integrity and purchased from the best distilleries. We promise that whatever you purchase from us would be of the highest quality. Whether you are manufacturer, customer, or whether you are a dealer, you can purchase our organic extracts, CO2 extracts, Absolutes and essential oils in bulk.

    If you buy a good quantity of aroma oils, the prices would be reduced accordingly. We are known for our superior service and premium quality, which allows you to have a good aromatherapy.

    We deliver all across the globe and the shipping rates are really low. Moreover, we have a wide range of choices and you will surely love the fragrances. 

  • Private Collection

    We are pleased to introduce you after a few years of work, our private collection elaborated by ourselves with the greatest care ... Designs based on natural products from all over the world ...

    More exquisite scents that will make you travel to the hemispheres of the oriental countries so sharpen your senses and why not remember a period of your past times ...

    Oud & Musk

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Showing 1 - 12 of 165 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 165 items