Pure Oud Oil 

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Pure White Oud

Elegant pure white oud oil from the last pressure of agarwood distillation ...

Oud Tarat - Oud Oil

An oud oil from Thailand that is resinous with floral notes that emerge after several minutes.

Pure Thailand oud oil

An oud oil thailand from the southern province of trat in Thailand. Her dress is light brown with a fat texture!

Oud Oil Malaysia Super

This luxurious oud oil from Malaysia is highly valued due to its mysterious odor.

Oud Boya A

Oud Boya is an oud oil, intense, deep and powerful, a high quality Oud.

Oud oil Assam grade A

A pure oud oil from India the region of Assam.

Oud Oil Burmese - Super

This pure oud oil comes from the northern region of Burma.

Oud Oil Laos - Super

A remarkable oud oil from Laos which will delight more of an amateurs and collectors, because of its quality ...

Oud Crassna

It is a pure Oud oil from Thailand that comes from a tree called Crassna.

Oud Oil Boya grade AA agarwood Other
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Oud Boya is intense, profound, powerful, a high quality of Agarwood oil.

Oud Oil Vietnamese - Super

This pure oil, deep oud, the outcome of the Binh Thuan province in Vietnam.

Oud Oil Prachinburi grade Super

This pure oud oil spicy top notes are turning unexpectedly during desiccation, giving way to notes of apple tobacco, dried cranberries and aniseed.

Oud Oil ThaÏ Khao Yai - Super Other
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Khaoyai is the name of the highest mountain in Thailand, Aquilaria species crassna is the name of the species most famous original Cambodia and Thailand.

Huile de Oud Merauke

It is a pure Oud oil from Indonesia and more specifically from the Merauke region of Papua New Guinea.

Oud oil Vietnam Out
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This Oud oil has a dark brownish color. The oil is extracted from the Agarwood who grew up in Vietnam.

Cambodia Agarwood oil grade A Out
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This Oud Oil from Cambodia forests sublimate you, it has an exceptional smell.

Cambodian Agarwood Grade B Out
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This Cambodian Oud Oil  will delight you for sure.

Oud Oil Banglades Out
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We are delighted to introduce to our range of oud oils, an oil from Bangladesh.

Oud Oil Kalimatan Out
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It is a pure oil from Indonesia and more precisely from the Kalimatan region wich it surprising.

Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items
Pure Oud Oil

Pure Oud Oil

Among the scented oils, we find the most prestigious of all: 
Pure Oud oil !

The raw material, which is agarwood, is very popular! This is also what makes it so rare. 
Thus, in this category we offer essential oils from all over the world. 
Each one more rare and precious than the next!

Pure Oud oil comes to us from all over the world

At Oud and Musk, we offer you the best of Oriental perfumery. And what 
would it be without the wood of Oud? It is always in the process of offering you the 
most qualitative products that we have created this category: "Pure Oud Oil".

You will be able to find there the rarest and noble oils of oud. Coming from all over the world, 
including Burma, Vietnam, India and Thailand. In addition, these countries 
all have preserved aloe trees. Giving a 100% natural Aloeswood oil of 
undeniable quality.

The scarcity of pure oud oil

Oud is a noble and rare natural material. However, its fragrance charms more than one. 
This is why, many perfumeries have jumped on synthetic flavors, less 

However, we advocate for pure and natural materials. This is why our 
perfumes, musks and scented oils are so powerful. But the rarity of aloe wood, makes it 
the rarity of pure Oud oil!

However, this did not stop us from finding you the best in 
agar oils In addition, we are the only ones on the market to offer you such 
prestigious products !

How to use oud oil?

A single drop is enough to perfume you all day. So, by applying it to 
hot areas of the body, you can make your favorite scent last longer. 
In short, apply the elixir to the back of your ears, the back of your neck and the inside of your wrists.