Pure Oud Oil 

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Encensoir électrique aladin - divers couleurs Out
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This pure oud oil extracted in the heart of the trunk, dark and resinous, found in the rare agar trees of Burma.

Cambodia Agarwood oil grade A Out
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This Oud Oil from Cambodia forests sublimate you, it has an exceptional smell.

Cambodian Agarwood Grade B Other
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This Cambodian Oud Oil  will delight you for sure.

Dehn Al Oudh Gold Out
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This dehn al oudh is a mixture of a precious and natural agarwood that has been carefully blended and matured to perfection over a long period of time.

Mukhalath oud

The deep rich forests of Kalimantan and Sumbawa in Indonesia, gives to this Oud an incredible depth.

Oud Crassna

It is a pure Oud oil from Thailand that comes from a tree called Crassna.

Oud Oil Vietnamese - Super

This pure oil, deep oud, the outcome of the Binh Thuan province in Vietnam.

Oud oil Assam grade A Out
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A pure oud oil from India the region of Assam.

Oud Oil Banglades

We are delighted to introduce to our range of oud oils, an oil from Bangladesh.

Oud Oil Borneo

From the first breath, this pure oud oil takes an unexplored route and takes us on a fascinating journey.

Oud Oil Boya grade AA

Oud Boya is intense, profound, powerful, a high quality of Agarwood oil.

Oud Oil Burmese - Super

This pure oud oil comes from the northern region of Burma.

Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items
Pure Oud Oil

With the aid of sophisticated technologies and modern tools, we at Oudandmusk are able to offer our esteemed clients pure agarwood oil, which is 100 percent pure and natural.

Distilled from the famous tree Aquilaria species, pure agarwood oil’s manufacturing process is carried out keeping in mind international standards of quality, so that the best benchmarks are attained.

We have derived this essential oil from Agarwood trees and you can enjoy benefits like non-sticky in nature, thick and brown in color. Long lasting and sweet smelling are some more features of this oil that we offer. You can avail this at extremely low rates and enjoy the enhanced effects.