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Product image Woody Falcom

A perfume oil, inspired by the landscapes of Southwest Asia. In a design around the agarwood, which is particularly honored ...

Product image Sahara

A magnificent combination harmonious and magical inspired by the most mysterious ingredients of the Orient.

Black Orchid

An oriental oil that embodies luxury, combining the intensity of the black orchid, the richness of the fruits and the sensuality of the woody smells.

Product image Ruh Al Sultanat

This composition evokes memories of the legendary incense route, with the marvelous effluvium of the souks of the Orient ...

Mukhalath Andalusi

This perfume oil brings to life the sweet, timeless floral odor of exotic musk, a very clean, sensual, fresh and ethereal aroma ...

Product image Musky Flora

This sweet musk is a floral scent that opens with fresh floral geranium and vanilla

Product image Wood Kastoory Other
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Here is one of our wonderful composition which is a great success it combines the Indian oud with the musk of the Himalayas.


Tumbuktu is a unique fragrance oil inspired by thiouraye, an ancient and traditional incense of West African women.

Sweet Silk Other
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This wonderful composition will leave no one indifferent but will rather seduce more of an amateur of oriental scents ...

Product image Sweet Forest

The incredible power of Indian Oud combined with the softness of sandalwood, ignites a sensual heart, and leaves on the skin rich woody notes, sweet and sweet with scents of leather and almond ...

Sweet Silk Out
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This composition evokes memories of the legendary Silk Road

Exotica Blend Out
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A real concentrate of exoticism, towards a place rich of original scents, exotic and elegant.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Private Collection

Private collection

Finally, here they are! The perfumes of the private collection Oud and Musk. You will find in 
this sub-category perfume oils signed Oud and Musk. 
Designed with ingredients from around the world, our fragrances are all 
unique and exceptional. 
In addition, you will not smell any other fragrance similar to the ones we offer, 
we challenge you! 
Let us embark you in our universe, and make you travel through 
exceptional scents .

Discover our private collection Oud and Musk

You will find no less than 12 perfume oils, developed by us, in our 
private collection. Knowing that this collection is quite capable of expanding further. 
Between floral, spicy, fruity and aromatic scents, there is something for everyone! 
So, for fans of spicy fragrances, we offer Oasis Wood, combining 
cloves and cinnamon in a single bottle. In fact, the smell of the Sahara will seize you with 
the power of ginger and cardamom. 
In addition, for more sensitive noses, Musky Flora will conquer you with the 
freshness of lemon, associated with the sweetness of lily and vanilla. 
In addition, Sweet Silk is a real caress for the senses. The rose, the geranium and the
jasmine associated with Oud and incense will give you the feeling of traveling. 
Finally, for the greediest, the Exotica Blend and the Mukhalath Andalusi will offer you a 
cocktail of exceptional exotic and fruity flavors. 
This is ultimately just a small sample of the fragrances from our private collection! By 
Therefore, we invite you to discover all our marvels one by one.

How to apply private collection oils?

Perfume oils are exceptional products and must be worn with care and 
elegance. Here are some tips to make the most of the wonders of our 
private collection. 
First, apply the fragrance to clean skin and focus on the 
joints for better diffusion. You can then apply it on the neck, 
wrists, inside of the elbows, but also the back of the ears. 
The advantage of scent oil is that it scents and hydrates you at the same time! It 
is therefore quite possible to apply it on dry and dehydrated skin. 
Finally, rest assured, because the precious liquid does not leave a greasy film on the skin!