Siberian Deer Musk


A rare and unique musk that will please lovers and connoisseurs.

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Siberian deer musk

Famous but rare to obtain, Siberian musk is one of the best known natural musks. Oud and Musk invites you to discover its unique smell, with woody scents, which will please both amateurs and connoisseurs.

A natural deer musk

You surely know the synthetic version of musks, cheap and easy to find, this version is lighter.

But do you know the first method of making musk?

Basically, musk is of animal origin. This origin is the characterization of
the powerful and particular smell of musk. The extraction and manufacturing conditions being onerous, the perfume industry decided to switch to a version of synthetic musk, to the detriment of quality.

At Oud and Musk, we offer a range of pure musks, of animal origin, and handcrafted. In order to provide you with a quality musk scent with an incomparable hold.

Once extracted, the grains of the Siberian musk gland are kept in huge bottles called “Dames-Jeannes” in order to macerate for 18 months to several years. This maceration technique enhances the perfume, and therefore gives it a more attractive smell.

Siberian musk: A warm and woody deer musk

Siberian deer musk has a characteristic woody smell, which makes it a warm, sensual and sweet fragrance. Its exotic and sweet notes embellish its fragrance. This exceptional musk is a real gem for connoisseurs, its rarity and scent make it a prestigious product.

Usage tips

In order to make your musk last longer, we advise you to apply it on the skin of your neck, on the back of your ears and on your wrists, without rubbing them together. Siberian musk being a pure and powerful musk, one drop is enough.
Please test for any possible allergies, with a drop of musk on the crease of your elbow, before using.

Please discover in a similar range the Tonkin musk available in our shop.

Capacity: 3ml

Origin: Siberia

You can find a great selection of deer musks in our perfumery.

Capacity: 3ml

Origin: Siberia

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Siberian Deer Musk

Siberian Deer Musk

A rare and unique musk that will please lovers and connoisseurs.

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    Exellent ! Parfum qui tient très longtemps.

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