Kasturi Musk


Kasturi from India, is a rare musk, durable and aggressive.

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Kasturi musk

Kasturi deer musk is a perfume that comes to us from India, of pure and very rare quality, it is
so very hard to find. Oud and Musk is one of the only websites offering this
Powerful, long-lasting amber fragrance. Typically Hindi, its authentic scent
will transport you on a magical journey.

Used in Ayurvedic medicine, Kasturi deer musk has faculties helping to
concentration. In addition to enjoying its exquisite aroma, you will be able to benefit at the same
time of its therapeutic virtues.

Kasturi deer musk, a magical journey

Kasturi deer musk oil is an animal fragrance, strong and powerful. It has notes of
fruity head with lychee and mandarin. Its heart note brings a floral touch with
orange blossom and rosewood. The whole rests on a woody background with amber,
benzoin and precious wood.

This amber and floral musk gives off a very fragrant aroma which, little by little, becomes softer
and pleasant to wear, thanks to its fruity side. Being a unisex perfume, it will seduce
lovers of magical fragrances, powerful but deliciously fruity.
You will literally fall under the spell of this warm and powerful fragrance.

Kasturi deer musk, an intellectual stimulant

In India, Kasturi deer musk is used for its natural Ayurvedic properties. He
has the ability to help with concentration, but it also promotes thinking and

A drop of Kasturi deer musk to perfume you is enough to take advantage of its properties

Usage tips

The skin on your neck, your wrists and the back of your ears are the skin areas
which hold the scent the best. We therefore advise you to apply a drop of
Kasturi deer musk on these areas to make the most of its long-lasting hold.

Origin of the musk: India
Capacity of musk: 3 ml

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Kasturi Musk

Kasturi Musk

Kasturi from India, is a rare musk, durable and aggressive.

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    Parfum suave, animal et doux avec le temps

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