Attar sheikh

Swiss arabian


A sweet, fresh and floral scent with an exclusive bitter note, which is yet light and harmonious.

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Attar Sheikh

What if fragrance was a sweet path to happiness? Dress properly
for this incredible excursion, because your online perfumery wants you to discover
a symbolic fragrance full of charm! Be on your guard, because the Attar Sheikh musk
risk of seducing you!

Oud & Musk puts the spotlight on Attar Sheikh musk

Your perfumery specialist is always keen to offer you scents that
stand out for their fragrances, but also for their character!
It is partly for these reasons that we want to share this sweet and delicate musk with you.
Attar Sheikh! You will surely be seduced by its olfactory characteristics linking well-being
and charm! It's time to focus on these and tell you about this smell
incredible !

Attar Sheikh musk: a pleasant smell!

If, it is true that the tastes and the colors are not debatable, know that this musk can
be a fun topic of discussion! Available in 3 ml, 6 ml and 12 ml, this fragrance is for
some perfume lovers a must!
Let's talk little, let's talk about olfactory notes!
First of all, we have in top notes, orange, mandarin, orange blossom and bergamot, a tangy and very fragrant mixture.
Then come the heart notes with mimosa, ylang ylang, jasmine and Turkish rose! Flowers are in the spotlight to soften and add freshness to this fragrance.
Finally, the base notes, tonka bean, patchouli, opoponax, vanilla, white musk and
vetiver! Character adds to this amazing fragrance!

What if you discovered the fragrance that suits you?

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Don't hesitate, it's time to find the perfume that suits you

Capacity: 3, 6 or 12 ml
Brand: Swiss Arabian

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Attar sheikh

Attar sheikh

A sweet, fresh and floral scent with an exclusive bitter note, which is yet light and harmonious.

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