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Jannatul firdaus


Jannatul Firdaus is one of the best fragrance oils ever created in the history of perfume.

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Perfume Oil Jannatul firdaus

The surprising combination of the different flavors of Jannatul firdaus perfume oil
in fact its great success! So, advice to lovers of typical oriental scents who
bring together floral, woody and spicy tones.

Jannatul firdaus or garden of paradise perfume oil

The name of Jannatul firdaus perfume oil comes from Arabic and means garden of paradise.
This liquid gold is a getaway to India. Indeed, its top notes with aromas of
cinnamon, lotus and gardenia will confirm it. Then comes an avalanche of
freshness with fern, oakmoss and grass. Finally, some background notes
oriental colors give warmth and sensuality to everything.

This elixir was born in the 70s and continues to be one of the signature perfumes.
In addition, it is unisex so it can be suitable for both men and women, not to mention
its excellent behavior.

Jannatul firdaus perfume oil: the beauty accessory
ultimate !

This alcohol-free perfumed oil is simply sublime and it can only help you.
highlight. To do this, you just need to apply a minimal amount on the spots.
(neck, wrists and behind the ears). Or, you can rub a few drops
between your palms then come and rub them on your body and your hair. Do not hesitate either
Add to your moisturizer.

The perfume oil, although oily at first, will be quickly absorbed by your skin.
As a result, the perfume will last much longer and will even soak into your clothes.
However, it is a concentrate, so it should be used sparingly.

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100% natural and 1st quality!

Capacity: 3, 6 and 12ml
Origin: India


A avoir dans sa collection , tres bon produit !

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Jannatul firdaus

Jannatul firdaus

Jannatul Firdaus is one of the best fragrance oils ever created in the history of perfume.

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    Très très bonne odeur , coup de cœur pour ce musc, l'un des meilleurs que j'ai pu sentir, essayez le sans réfléchir.

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