Royal Hojari Luban


Royal Hojari Luban

In the Hojari frankincense resin family, discover royal Hojari frankincense. A gum resin of
high quality which will bring its flowery, tangy and lemony aromas to your interior!

Frankincense Royal Hojari: a high quality aromatic resin!

Royal Hojari Luban is an incense made from frankincense resin. Extracted from the “Boswellia sacra” tree
(incense tree), this aromatic gum comes from a 100% natural resin and of high

This is then devoid of any chemical and toxic substance. That's what makes her a
edible product and recognized as beneficial since antiquity to help in particular to
relieve joint pain.

Originally from the Sultanate of Oman, this exceptional product charms with its unique smell at the same time
fresh, tangy and flowery.

Its citrus notes give this perfume a lemony freshness that smells
pleasantly the rooms of the house.

This immediately gives a breath of fresh air to your interior, giving it an
spring. Thus, this fragrance is ideal for the hot seasons and effective to fight
against bad smells.

Royal Hojari: how to use it?

To enjoy the pleasant scent of your royal hojari frankincense resin, here are the steps to follow:

First, drop a puck of incense charcoal into an incense burner

Then light it with a lighter.

Finally, place your resin erasers on top and gently let the
scents of your royal hojari frankincense!

As a precaution, avoid leaving your incense burner lit in an empty room or in the presence
of children.

Also, make sure that your incense burner is away from elements likely to be

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Net weight: 15g
Origin: Oman

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Royal Hojari Luban

Royal Hojari Luban

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