Oudh al anfar


Beautiful Arabic perfume oil comes close to the Dehn Al Oudh, a unique flavor that raises your mind!

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It's time to set the record straight... If you don't have the oil yet
Ayath perfume, put a very important date on your calendar with a fragrance
incredible !

Your well-being is our main concern, it is for these reasons that we strive to
to offer you scents that suit you!

The Oud Al Anfar brand: discover the scented oil

Indeed, the Oud Al Anfar brand still does us the honor of sharing a smell
magnificent ! In addition, very well known in the Arabian Peninsula, the brand adapts with
various and varied scents! Through its oriental but also French flavors, it thus targets
a large number of amazing fragrance lovers!
In addition, this is why your online perfumery Oud & Musk wants to highlight this Ayath perfume oil!

Ayath: a smell that speaks to us!

It's time to discover this coveted elixir! Very fragrant and very pleasant, it is
considered the neighbor of the famous Dehn Al Oudh! Its creamy and suave smell at the same time risk of seducing you!

First of all, we have in top notes: oud, bergamot, orange! A sour mix,
revealing a spring freshness!

Then come the heart notes, with coriander, caramel, honey. scents
added to this exceptional elixir!

To conclude the base notes, discover oud, vetiver and patchouli! The sweetness of
vetiver linked to the slight character of patchouli is an olfactory delight!
Might as well tell you that this unisex fragrance is the perfect combination for you!

How to perfume yourself well?

It is essential to choose the right fragrance! White amber, blush sandalwood or Oil
scented Ayath, the choice is yours!

Now that you know what you're going to wear, it's time to put some perfume on!
You can spray the fragrance on the collar of your garment, as well as on
your sleeves! But you can also target the wrists and neck, on bare skin!
Strategic points which will mark your movements, and which will reveal the fragrance
of exception that you will have chosen beforehand!


Merci pour ce grand bijoux de parfum

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    Beautiful Arabic perfume oil comes close to the Dehn Al Oudh, a unique flavor that raises your mind!

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      Beau parfum - J'ai acheté à cause de la description et des bonnes critiques - je suis d'accord, il sent merveilleusement bon.

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