Bakhour amirat al arab


Bakhoor Amiret Al Arab

To embalm your interior with a pleasant and soothing fragrance, Oud and Musk offers you the Bakhoor Amiret Al Arab signed Hemani.

Bakhoor Amiret Al Arab: an exquisite home fragrance

Also known as "The Princess of the Arabs", Amiret Al Arab frankincense is a type
of fragrant incense. Also, it is made of wood powder and infused with fragrances
exotic. Thus, your sense of smell will live a sensory experience thanks to captivating and soothing aromas.

Indeed, the essential oils of jasmine, sandalwood, amber and citrus
will instantly install a soft and pleasant atmosphere in your home.
In addition, quality is at the rendezvous in this exceptional home fragrance.
In short, let yourself be carried away by the fragrant emanations of Amiret Al Arab Bakhour.

Install a scented atmosphere according to your desires

Because the world of incense is rich and diverse, there are multiple blends of fragrances that offer unique olfactory journeys.
This is why our e-shop offers you a diverse and varied range of incense.
Also, let yourself be seduced by the Bakhoor Hajar al Aswad for a warm atmosphere
and wooded.

But also, succumb to Bakhoor oudh touch me for a soft and floral climate.
Even more, with Oud and Musk, you will also find all the products to perfume your
interior. Like censers or coal discs for example.

Bakhoor Amiret Al Arab: like an air of the Orient

It must be said that the scents it exhales do not leave you indifferent. Indeed, this scent of sandalwood and amber brings the Orient into your home.
And what could be more pleasant than oriental scents to create a soothing and serene atmosphere in your home.

Plus, it comes in an easy-to-use glass jar. Also, blush a
charcoal disc using a heat source. Then, place it in a censer. Finally, put some bakhour on it, which will release its generous and voluptuous scent throughout your home.

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Bakhour amirat al arab

Bakhour amirat al arab

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