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Oudh patchouli Out
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Nestled in Indonesia and affordable for traditional perfumery, the natural OUD WOOD is a real treasure for the perfume art.


Quite simply, a classic fragrance, this oil is 100% natural and higher quality.


A unique blend with extracts of lotus flowers, agarwood and Ambergris.

Red Rose
Rose attar

Attar of rose is distilled in India sandalwood oil.

Musc Rose

Rose Musk is a great quality perfume oil.

Royal Gold - Perfume Oil

A Perfume oil of a famous oriental perfume.

Royal Velvet - Ajmal

A fragrance oil that combines East and West in a fresh and energetic fragrance, with contemporary tastes.

Ruh Al Sultanat Out
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This composition evokes memories of the legendary incense route, with the marvelous effluvium of the souks of the Orient ...

Ruh Gulab

Ruh Gulab is cultivated in Uttar Pradesh, it is a pale yellow flower and transparent.

Ruh khus Other
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Pure Vetiver ruh khus or 1st quality, the fragrance oil is extracted by steam distillation from its roots.

Ruhel wordh

Ruhel wordh nagar is a perfume oil to the mixture of fresh notes of motha, saffron, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood...

Sadaat Dubai oud perfume

Magnificent oriental fragrance oil, flowers in the main accords with its spicy herbal notes.

Product image Sahara

A magnificent combination harmonious and magical inspired by the most mysterious ingredients of the Orient.

Sajwaa musk

A summer scent, fresh and fruity with a dazzling opening to punch a bergamot, orange blossom entwined in the heart of this fragrance.

Salma musk

This natural musk is an exotic bouquet, floral and oriental ingedients lush, fruity and sweet ...

Santal rose

A scent that transports you directly to Orient.


Shamama is a natural vegetable oil, prepared by mixing various herbs and essential oil .

Shamama super

Shamama super is prepared by mixing various herbs and essential oils. It has an exotic perfume, it is manufactured by a conventional manufacturing process of distillation / aqueous vapor.

Sultan musk

Sultan is a traditional blend of arabian perfume oils.

Product image Sultan Al Oud Other
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Sultan Al Oud an Arabian oil that captures the atmosphere of a cloud of the Middle East with its exceptional smells!

Sultan Oud

This perfume oil develops a lively atmosphere conveyed by woody notes.

Showing 145 - 168 of 195 items