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Imitation women New

An oriental fragrance oil that will leave your skin wonderfully scented, giving you a good helping of energy and confidence at all times of the day.

Musc Taslim New

This white musk oil is a very popular fragrance, due to its clean scent.

Black Oud - Montale New

A magnificent Oud from Cambodia intertwined with Patchouli Leaves from Indonesia unfolds under an accord of Musk, Mandarins and Rose Petals.

Ghenwa New
Product image Ana Abiyad Leather New

Ana abyed leather is a harmonious and soothing fragrance composed of amber, saffron and ambergris.

Product image Ana Abiyad New

Here is one of the most popular oriental perfumees made from white musk.

Product image Anfas Oud New

An oriental perfume with a mixture of amber and enveloping notes that takes you on a journey to the heart of the warm lands of the Orient

Walah New

A floral and romantic oriental perfume. Green notes are found mingled with citrus fruits and sandalwood.

Nadir New

An irresistible and magnetic oriental perfume that marks the start of a new chapter in elegance.

Saaram New

Travel with just one spray. the irresistible effect of this oriental perfume and its elegant and sensual allure. Its oriental wake will make people jealous.

Arwa New

The timeless elegance of this fragrance finally culminates in musk, warm vanilla and amber.

Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items