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Product image Al shabab Out
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Al Shabab is an oriental musk.

Product image Musk Nafa -15%
Ventes flash j h m s

Nafa a pure musk from India, durable and aggressive. He is strong and establishing an animal spicy and smoky base note, which lasts through a sweet and pleasant smell.

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Product image Mangolian musk

Pure musk from Mongolia, its a rare musk, durable and aggressive.

Green musk

This natural musk is soft and fresh. It is a combination of amber, tonka bean and labdanum smooth, offering a warm and attractive wake.

Product image Himalaya musk

A thin Himalayan musk, strong, but not too stuffy, spicy earth and sweet.

Product image Musk Yellow -15%
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A natural musk, produced using ambrette flower ...

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Mukhallat Al Emirates

Mukhallat Al Emirates is a fragrance full of musk, but also gives the impression of being thick like molasses ...

Salma musk -15%
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This natural musk is an exotic bouquet, floral and oriental ingedients lush, fruity and sweet ...

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Agar musk Out
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A wild and sensual scent, which comes from an atmosphere of mysticism and Orient footprint.

Jannatul firdaus

Jannatul Firdaus is one of the best fragrance oils ever created in the history of perfume.

Musc silk ajmal

Musk silk is one of the most famous and popular musk, becoming one of the best-seller ...

Musk al Emirate

Musk al Emirate is an oriental composition that is warm, sweet and fresh.

Showing 1 - 12 of 140 items