Agarwood Incense

One of the most revered and ancient incense ingredients, agarwood is termed as aloeswood and oud too. It is an aromatic and dark resin wood which is found in Aetoxylon, Gyrinops and Aquilaria trees. Buy agarwood incense from us and soak in its wild fragrance. However, at Oudandmusk, our fragrances differ a lot as per the region, age of the tree as well as the skills of the oil distiller.

You are going to cherish these shadowy fruity, earthy and woody notes with hints of intoxicating musk. Typically, Agarwood is very aromatic and strong and is famous as being masculine. This intoxicating and ethereal fragrance is surely going to make you fall in love with it.

Agarwood Incense  

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Bakhoor Indonesien Out
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A sweet and sweet bakhoor that will embalm your rooms with an oriental and pleasant smell.

Bakhour / Bakhoor Oudh Mashreq - Nabeel

This Bakhour / Bakhoor was made by Nabeel who is known for his scents of atmosphere and incense

Bakhour / Bakhoor Safeer al Oud

This Bakhour / Bakhoor is made around musk, amber and agarwood. A good choice for your interiors ...

Bakhour Black Oud

A bakhoor or high quality Arabic incense that gives off a fabulous smell of oud.

Boukhour Oud

A gentler way to enjoy the aroma of Oud

Bakhour Oudh Loban Out
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Exceptional incense of oud and oliban which gives off a woody and lasting smell.


This oriental incense called bakhour or bakhoor is an ideal choice.

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items