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Blue star Other
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Blue star by the Ajmal brand offers a refreshing choice for stylish and dynamic men.

Dehn al oudh cambodi

This Dehn al oudh is pure made from Cambodian oud oil.

Milestone Out
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This oil perfume scents with fresh, spicy floral heart and created fruity with notes of bergamot, basil, tangerine combined with rose and jasmine

Musc silk ajmal

Musk silk is one of the most famous and popular musk, becoming one of the best-seller ...

Royal Velvet - Ajmal

A fragrance oil that combines East and West in a fresh and energetic fragrance, with contemporary tastes.

Sajwaa musk

A summer scent, fresh and fruity with a dazzling opening to punch a bergamot, orange blossom entwined in the heart of this fragrance.

White Oud Out
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A concentrated perfume oil of the oriental woody family.


Combining uplifting Musky and sensual floral notes. With a unique mix of Floral...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items