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Combining uplifting Musky and sensual floral notes. With a unique mix of Floral...

Oud ajmal

A perfumed oil made around oud by the Ajmal perfume house.

Musc silk ajmal

Musk silk is one of the most famous and popular musk, becoming one of the best-seller ...

Dehn al oudh cambodi

This Dehn al oudh is pure made from Cambodian oud oil.

Sajwaa musk

A summer scent, fresh and fruity with a dazzling opening to punch a bergamot, orange blossom entwined in the heart of this fragrance.

Royal Velvet - Ajmal

A fragrance oil that combines East and West in a fresh and energetic fragrance, with contemporary tastes.

White Oud Out
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A concentrated perfume oil of the oriental woody family.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items