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Mukhalath oud

The deep rich forests of Kalimantan and Sumbawa in Indonesia, gives to this Oud an incredible depth.

Mukhallat bornéo

A delightful Mukhallat which is reinforced with a rich woody fragrance of Agarwood India.

Oud Oil Prachinburi grade Super

This pure oud oil spicy top notes are turning unexpectedly during desiccation, giving way to notes of apple tobacco, dried cranberries and aniseed.

Oud Oil ThaÏ Khao Yai - Super

Khaoyai is the name of the highest mountain in Thailand, Aquilaria species crassna is the name of the species most famous original Cambodia and Thailand.

Product image Oud Supreme

Oud Supreme is a fascinating blend of precious spices, smoky agarwood, creating a volatile and robust fragrance.

White Oud

A concentrated perfume oil of the oriental woody family.

Product image Shay Oud Other
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An amazing perfume oil that remains truly unforgettable by its beautiful notes of roses in direct duet with vetiver, accompanied by flowers of jasmine and rare and the precious agarwood ...

Dehn Al oudh attar

This dehn al oud is the reminiscence of the aroma found in the Indian agarwood oils.

Encensoir électrique aladin - divers couleurs

This pure oud oil extracted in the heart of the trunk, dark and resinous, found in the rare agar trees of Burma.

Oud Oil Banglades

We are delighted to introduce to our range of oud oils, an oil from Bangladesh.

Oud Shaz Out
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A strong and deep oud oil with resinous notes that lasts a long time on the skin.

Cambodian Agarwood Grade B

This Cambodian Oud Oil  will delight you for sure.

Showing 13 - 24 of 28 items