Oud Mood Reminiscence



An oriental scent and hot to the delight of lovers of oud and musk. 

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Oud Mood Reminiscence

Nowadays, scent usually adds a touch to the wearer. It is
why choosing it well is essential. The Lattafa brand presents its body fragrance
Oud Mood Reminiscence. A mixed oriental fragrance that will appeal to both men and women.

This Arabic scent is part of the woody family. Born in the heart of the Orient, this fragrance
promises you authenticity.

A rich and authentic fragrance

Difficult to resist or to remain indifferent, Oud Mood Reminiscence gives you a
irresistible and suave allure!

You will also surely fall in love with its bottle, worthy of an oriental fragrance. A
bottle decorated with Arabic script, for a striking look and appeal.

We find in the top notes, saffron and raspberry, characteristic of
warm flavors of Arab fragrances.

In heart notes, we have geranium and cardamom, which reveal the fruity side of the

Finally, in base notes, we will take advantage of a little more extensive scents. With wood
agar, sandalwood, musk, cedar and vetiver.

For an Arab fragrance with a subtle contrast of woody power and fruity sweetness.

Olfactory Notes:
Top notes: saffron, raspberry
Heart notes: geranium, cardamom
Base notes: agarwood, sandalwood, musk, cedar, vetiver

Be careful not to confuse with the Oud Mood Elixir perfume. The same name, yes! But the
same fragrance, no!

Usage tips

The hold of the Oud Mood Reminiscence is excellent, it will accompany you even in your longest days!

To do this, spray the perfume in the heat points of your body. It's about the neck,
the back of the ears and wrists.

Capacity: 100ml

Brand: Lattafa

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Oud Mood Reminiscence

Oud Mood Reminiscence

An oriental scent and hot to the delight of lovers of oud and musk. 

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