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Product image Ameer al oudh

Ameer Al Oudh is an oriental fragrance for men. The fragrance features agarwood, woody notes, vanilla, sugar and labdanum.

Amwaaj al Oud Other
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Amwaaj al Oud is a perfume from Lattafa Perfumes launched in 2016.

Product image Khalis Musk

Finally a real perfume of white musk.

Product image Khalis oudi

Khalis Oudi (Pure Oud) by Lattafa Parfums is an oriental fragrance.

Product image Opulent Musk

Opulent Musk is a white musk based fragrance that is fresh and sweet.

Oud al Khuloub

It is a unisex oriental perfume that has an astonishing and explosive composition.

Oud bu khalifa

Oudh bu khalifa, it is a mixture of traditional Arabic perfume

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items